(1) What is Buynaa?

Buynaa is a self advertising platform where marketers can promote their business, YouTubers can promote their videos, bloggers can promote their content and people can promote their Social Media accounts.

(2) Who is Buynaa for?

For any video marketer, Youtuber, blogger, who wants to reach masses of real people anywhere in the world. Our unique technology helps you to find the audiences where your content performs best.

(3) Why does Buynaa work?

We get you noticed by the right people who are most likely to enjoy your content, follow you on social media and buy your products.

We work through advertising. We promote your Videos, contents, products etc. by different types of advertisers. For Example : Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads

(4) Can I target specific countries?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our campaigns start off as global and then target specific countries based on where there was the best response.

It also depend on where are you from. For example if are live in U.S, then the maximum traffic will be from your country

(5) Are these real views, Subscribers, Followers, Likes?

Yes. We promote to real people. A real person must watch minimum 5 minutes of your video to count as a view.

(6) How soon will I see my video views, Sales, Subscribers, Likes, Followers increase?

Your campaign will be live within 24 hours but usually within 1 hour. You will see views, Subscribers, Likes, Followers begin to accumulate on your Panel or Account dashboard.

(7) In addition to views, Followers, Subscribers, Sales etc. how else can I optimize my campaign?

You can optimize your campaign for Likes and Comments or mobile app installs.

(8) How do I maximize free views?

The bigger Plan you buy, the more people will watch, view, follow and share your content on social networks. When your content reach the right people, they get passionate about it and share with their network. Its this viral sharing that maximize free views and really get you noticed.

(9) What is the minimum & maximum campaign Plan on buynaa?

Our Minimum plan : $10
Our Maximum Plan : $599

(10) How does YouTube promotion work?

Essentially how it works is we take your YouTube video and push it out through our powerful network. We have over 10,000 blogs, websites, apps and social networks that will display your video to their real audience.

We also send your content to famous advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing ads etc.

How to start my Content promotion?

(1) Visit the homepage of our Website (Buynaa.com)

(2) You will find “Promote” option there..

(3) Click on it. You will be redirected to Services Page.

(4) Choose a service from there.. For example, If you want to promote YouTube channel, then select YouTube services (or) if you want to promote your instagram account, select Instagram services.

(5) After selecting a Service, you will be redirected to “Sign up” Page…

(6) Now Fill the form completely and correctly. Fill your personnel details as well as the links of your content which you are going to promote.

(7) Now Click on Submit. You will be redirected to Pricing/Plans page.

(8) Now Choose your best suit Plan and click “Buy Now”.

(9) Now you will be redirected to payments Page, where you can pay the required amount.

(10) You can Pay through PayPal, Debit and Credit cards.

(11) After paying the required amount, you will get a Mail from Buynaa for Further information.

(12) Now wait for couple of hours to see increase in Followers, Sales, Subscribers, views, likes and comments on your Promoted content.

(13) That’s it…

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